hors bord shadow 500

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BRABUS Shadow 800 Limited Edition `One of Twenty┬┤ finalist in the Motor Boat of The Year Awards 2019

Hors-Bord, August-September 2019 Issue

More than just a collaboration, Brabus Marine is now a full-fledged brand designed to attract new owners to the pleasures of sailing. First propeller tours aboard an exceptional craft on many aspects ...

In January 2018, the Axopar shipyard created a surprise at the D├╝sseldorf show with the launch of a special limited edition of 20 called BRABUS Shadow 800 by Axopar. For once the famous German supercars preparer did not choose a Mercedes to crack but rather a 37 Axopar Sun-Top. Fifteen days later, when all the copies had been purchased, the creation of the BRABUS Marine brand was formalized.



A high-performance, comfortable and safe out-of-the-ordinary boat for any amateur boater. Successful bidding for this exceptional alliance between a construction site and a car mechanic who still has some nice surprises in the months to come!

Original article in French.